Sunday, August 17, 2008

The adventure begins...

After enjoying a champagne toast and a delicious quiche provided by Ryan's friend Sarah, we made it out of Portland with just enough time to make it to Bellingham, WA for their first show at The Hub Community Bike Shop. Just enough time didn't account for the Saturday rush hour traffic jam we encountered in Seattle on I-5, so we arrived halfway through Kati's other band, The Mighty Ghosts of Heaven's set.

Under the full moon, Blind Pilot began their tour playing to a small crowd of bike enthusiasts in the lovely backyard garden of The Hub. It was quite beautiful, but made us realize that we may need to set up two lights in the near future for similarly light (i.e., no light) shows. Jared, from The Hub, stayed late and volunteered to give tune-ups to all of them. Tired and anticipating a big next day of riding for them, and our first experience with attempting to film them on the road, we headed back to Kati's bandmate Linnea's family's house on the shores of Lake Samish. We set up our tent by the edge of the lake and fell asleep gazing at the full moon. A good start.