Friday, September 5, 2008

Please Stand By: Technical Difficulties

Keeping in sync with the band, shooting, logging, editing, and trying to maintain this blog is only possible when we are lucky, and over the past week we have not been lucky enough to keep everything up to date. From time to time we will run up against situations that are downright luckless and that makes us cranky and frustrated. Then we have to try and get over that so that luck may smile on us again.

As soon as those lazy days in SE Portland came to a close and we hit the road again, Buzz the traveling cat had a bad couple of days. She stopped eating and became listless. This led us to think about taking her to the vet, but first we went to the interVet. We learned that diabetic cats need a grain free, protein rich food, and were astonished to find that the food our vet back home prescribed is really neither of these things. It seems the veterinary industry runs much like the human health care industry. Companies donate money to the Veterinary Association and in turn veterinarians prescribe their product. We are mad that it took us this long (she was diagnosed diabetic more than two years ago) to realize we were not doing the best thing for her condition, but never thought to verify the advice of a trained health care professional. Luckily we were on our way to Corvallis when we discovered this, and found the friendliest, most well stocked pet store imaginable called Animal Crackers. The staff helped us find a food that was good for her and offered to let us return it if she didn't start eating again. She did, and is looking and feeling much better (as shown in photo)

Then the hard drive with all of our footage pretended to crash. Yes, we should back that up, but haven't had the extra hours to do so. This scare led us to take the time to do so, but we became a little out of sync with the bike touring as a result. But there's no point in risking all the footage we have in order to keep getting all the footage we can. We keep having to remind ourselves that we will make the film out of what we were able to get and must let go of the rest.

Luckily Blind Pilot covered that week pretty well on their blog, so those who need to know how it went can look there, but please stand by for our take on it, which should be here soon. Right now we are back in Portland for the band's set at Music Fest Northwest, back in Luke's garage, and this time have no intention of getting comfortable, just getting back up to speed.

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angie said...

SOOOO glad Buzz is alright. She looks very happy. AND Happy Birthday Emily! I hope you had a delicious dinner to celebrate last night. Have tons of fun at the show tonight. *a