Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hit It

A day late, but still on pace to make the coast by August, we are making the push to Chicago as I type. (thank you EV-DO) Saying goodbye to friends and neighbors was harder than we thought and we ended up getting the truck to Jersey late Thursday night. So we took Friday as an organizational day, as well as an opportunity to visit Max's Grandmother and Aunt in NY.

After a long and enjoyable dinner at Ardsley's own Pumpernickel, we headed back to Jersey to pack the car. The truck was already unloaded, but the car sat empty with an intimidating amount of gear- everything we thought we needed to camp and shoot- laid out in my mom's garage, threatening to keep us up too late to be safe drivers today.

Emily went to sleep and I pulled an all-nighter packing the car with only the 'essentials,' tetris- style. The deal was Emily would wake up this morning to a ready vehicle, refreshed and willing to drive the 750 or so miles to Chicago. It actually worked out and we are now just about 106 miles from Chi-town. While not exactly well rested, I am excited to be back in the Second City for the second time in my life (the first was in 1999 for Los Crudos' final show at the Fireside) and Emily, My Lady of Blessed Acceleration, is excited to stop driving soon.

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