Monday, July 28, 2008


We made it to Chicago late Saturday night and made our way to Max's sister Karen's apartment. Through the kind of magic that only Craigslist can lead to, she happens to be subletting from everyone's favorite alcoholic older brother from an early 90's TV show, Micheal Stoyanov. Before we left Baltimore we were able to catch his performance as 'Dopey' in The Dark Knight at the Bengies Drive-In, and so were even more stoked to sleep on his floor.

After sleeping in, we spent the day walking around Karen's neighborhood. We stopped in Grant Park to watch the Criterium Bike Race and went to Millenium Park to take in the Bean. For those unfamiliar, the Bean is an enormous chrome... well, bean. It reflected an enraptured throng of tourists, busy gazing into it and back out at the city, proving that shiney objects attract people like moths to... well, a shiney object. Every city should get one.

Dinner and uplifting conversation were generously provided by Max's Chicago cousins, Tom and Debbie at Club Lucky in Wicker Park. It was a rare treat to see them and their daughter Sarah, and the night quickly passed.

Right now we are en route to Lincoln, Nebraska. We have two goals for Lincoln: 1) try and make it there in time to have a beer at Lazlo's Brewery and Grill- where Emily's friends Tiffany and Gretchen worked, met, and fell in love twelve years ago. and 2) get the hell out early so we can cover some real ground tomorrow.

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