Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good things are happening... why are we still in Baltimore?

We had a great day selling a good amount of the possessions that we have acquired over the past six years this past Saturday at the Station North Flea Market (great place to de-excess and meet friendly people,) and yet - there is still more to pack and put on craigslist, the last throes of employment, and a whole country to cross.

Every day that goes by it seems like another milestone has gone unfilmed. Their record release party was packed; Aimee Mann invited them to open for her in Portland; and this week they were chosen as the itunes download of the week. This is a lot to have all gone down in our absence.

This is both inspiring and overwhelming as we had originally hoped to offer the band some exposure, and now it seems they are quite capable of exposing themselves. We now find ourselves frantically trying to tie up our loose ends so we can get out there before we miss any more.

By the way, the single is free, but the rest of the album is also discounted, so seize the opportunity to get the whole album for a low low price. The chosen single, "Go On, Say It," is an awesome song, and probably the most universally appealing of the bunch, but "One Red Thread" is my personal favorite.

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