Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What has five 'I's but cannot see?

Our goal was to make it as far across Nebraska as possible, but making it to Lincoln, a mere 60 miles into the behemoth that is NE, before Lazlo's shut its doors, and 'camping' in the nearby Motel 6 was the best we could do.

As this is the first time that either of us has driven across the country, it's hard to resist stopping at the many landmarks, rest stops, and vistas along the way. The Mississippi River was one of these milestones. A milestone into which Emily felt the deep need to dip her toes.

Two hours later we set out to conquer Nebraska, but first a little thing called Iowa stood in our way. Amongst the endless rows of King Corn, one highlight of this leg was finding fruitstands.com. This bare bones cornucopia of information was clearly assembled an earlier internet epoch, and so must be verified by calling the listed contacts or scoping out the area, but we were able to find a farmer's market in Urbandale, IA where we bought some delicious granola and three-seed bread from Big Sky Bakery and cucumbers and peppers from another stand which were much tastier than the avocados and cukes from the Bi-lo in Pennsylvania.

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