Sunday, July 27, 2008


One thing we have failed to give its due on this blog is the fact that we are traveling with our cat, Buzz.

Buzz was already a troubled teen when we took her in, and has grown to show us a capacity for love no one thought she had. She will still tear apart anyone who isn't us, but what can we say- nothing better for the ego than a creature that loves you and only you.

Ego boost that it is, we would still rather have left her, and her never ending stream of shed hair, with a friend. But you see, Buzz is not only unpleasant to other people, she is also diabetic. It seems that her childhood of being left alone in a NYC music studio with only a pile of food to console her has led to both her distrust of humans and the type two diabeties that requires her to be shot up every day with insulin. Vicious cycle. Vicious kitty.

Being a city kitty, she shows no desire to leave the apartment, let alone go camping. She spent the first part of the day yesterday in the car complaining and panting. And by the afternoon she looked like this.

She always likes the car, but the heat seems to stress her out sometimes. When we began to prepare to make this film, we knew it would be contingent on Buzz being a happy camper. We practiced a few times and she was better at it than we were. She doesn't scratch the tent, just gives a gentle people-in-the-walls nudge with her face to let us know she wants out. And when she does get out of the tent, 90% of the time it's because she wants to sit in the car instead. Couldn't ask for a better camping buddy.

But this extra soul in the car, with her diabetic food, insulin that must be kept cool, litter box, and box of syringes (no officer, I swear, those are for the cat) is not helping our chances of fitting everything we need to make the documentary in our trusty steed, or being truly able to go anywhere and do anything to get the shots we need. At some point she is sure to ruin our day, but she has brought her special secret love to so many of our days past that we have to take that risk.

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Oh, MY! said...

I was wondering what would become of Buzz. I'm glad to see you took her along. What good is having a road kitty if you don't take her out on the road? Godspeed, y'all, and take the good juju with you.